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DW – Santa Monica, CA


1158 26th Street,

Santa Monica, CA

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DW – Oakland, CA


1200 Clay Street #58

Oakland, CA 94612

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Defining Wizard is a business which enriches and revolutionizes the methods in which clients are educated with the intentions of increasing the retention rate in any educational system.

We strive and compete in becoming a trusted company whereby the clients and their surrounding community feel comfortable receiving quality expert assistance. We pride ourselves on developing and implementing professional tutoring systems & strategies.

Defining Wizards’ ambitions are to create a movement where tutoring is a service which each and every one of us performs.

The objectives for Defining Wizard are to create a service-base training company with goals to exceed our client’s expectations, by increasing the quality of tutoring sessions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an advantageous learning environment by developing specialized (or personal) tutoring strategies and systems to optimize the learning experience for our clients. Improving our clients’ performance in their specialized area of study increases the quality of our clients’ service. Defining Wizard’s strategies and professional training are unique models tailored to one person or an institution, where carefully executed, amazing results are achieved. Our business focuses on analyzing, identifying, and resolving our client’s needs by providing simple to grasp methods of practice.

Defining Wizard understands that the educational system is changing drastically and some educational systems can not adapt to the changes efficiently. Educational expectations can not be met amongst all students; young and old. And the fact is the gap between the “have’s” and “have nots” is constantly increasing. Thus, because educational expectations are harder for students to meet, other resources are being sought out to help aid those in meeting their educational expectations.

One of the most prolific resources amongst all resources is tutoring. Defining Wizard designs strategies and systems to take full advantage of the position a tutor has and in a way reclassifies and redefines a tutor and their responsibilities. By doing this, Defining Wizard plans to assist mending the gap between the have and have nots and increase the retention rate of institutions. Defining Wizard’s tutors and students take comfort in the fact that they are part of a movement with advantages which mends core issues amongst those having problems meeting educational expectations.

Defining Wizard…

On the surface, Defining Wizard is a portal that allows students to find excellent tutors. However, as an employee member (not actual Defining Wizard employees) Defining Wizard allows those who are gifted and teachers of the ‘iterative progress’ to showcase their abilities. Tutors (employee members) have a duty of impressing their skills upon the educational community.

Defining Wizard employees are skilled enough to officially be called mentors because they take pride in their skills and the people who they tutor. What will always set apart Defining Wizard employees is their affinity for greatness. Based on statistics, these excellent tutors are more than likely to become doctors, scientist, professors, or simply great chefs.

Defining Wizard offers you a network of people with the same desire to achieve the impossible, plus offering an opportunity to express yourself.


Terms and Conditions

Our Mission is to create an environment conducive to learning by maximizing ones learning experience. It is our goal to increase our client’s expectations of themselves by helping improve performance in their work. It is our business to serve our clients as best as we can, as professional as we can.

Although DefiningWizard does not guarantee specific grades, we do expect, rather a full letter grade improvement along with improved performance and confidence.

Grades are purely determined by the client themselves, we don’t want to take that from you.

We uphold all statements of Academic Honesty from schools and include our own statement of Academic Honesty as such:

1. We understand that it is against the law for anyone other than the client to design, build, or present any work for a grade.

2.We understand that we may give instruction in various areas of study or in performance techniques, but know that actual decisions on design and construction of assigned work must be made by the students alone. We testify that we have followed all of the rules regarding: providing outside assistance and informing clients of our intentions. If there are any exceptions, we have listed those.

3.Payment: Unless stated so by contract, client will only pay for services rendered. If there are any problems with this, a Definingwizard representative should be notified. Please email with your issue and please include ‘PAYMENT’ as your subject header. Payment for tutorial services will be paid to tutor within 15-30 days through Defining Wizard as a check, or through PayPal. However, if the client opts to pay for services directly to tutor, that is their choice as well. Tutor should find out method of payment before beginning any tutorial sessions. Moreover, tutor will respect and honor the clients method of payment of their services; otherwise forfeit membership as a Defining Wizard Tutor.

4. We do not discriminate based on age, color, sex, or religious beliefs; however, we do reserve the right to reject service to anyone.

5. It is mandatory for tutors to honor their tutoring schedules. If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled tutoring times your membership will be revoked. To change your schedule, please do so in your profile or by contacting a Defining Wizard Representative.

6. Membership is liable to be revoked if proven to be incompetent as a tutor. Please take duties as a tutor serious and always be prepared for your sessions.

7. You give DefiningWizard the right to run a background check. It is important that we are able to offer clients the greatest amount of security and safety possible since we offer In-House tutoring.

8. Tutor shall honor all specifications pertaining to membership plans clients are apart of. Specifications include: pricing of sessions, minimum length of sessions, and the evaluation of your sessions by the completion of surveys amongst other provisions.

8. Pricing of tutoring sessions is left to the tutor in some cases. It is understood that prices given are fair amongst all, and tutor will not be engaged in any form of discrimination especially towards payments, lest they will forfeit employee membership. No Tolerance.