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Defining Wizard offers client’s a selection of quality tutoring sessions, comprehensive tutoring tips, a unique mathematics tutoring book, informative workshops, and more materials and resources that cover everything in mathematics from basic mathematics to calculus, and in English from grammar, reading, and writing.  Literacy skills are important to develop strong communities and families.  Here at Defining Wizard, we take pride in our position to assist all students, adult learners, and professionals in multiple industries to accomplish their goals:
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Defining Wizard aims to offer competitive prices, and more ways for you to succeed in all your educational endeavors.  We specialize in educational technology and tutoring with over 20+ years of experience.  Our tutors come from great universities such as UCLA, Stanford, USC, and more and highly believe that education is the cornerstone to empowering the lives of those who have a will to make changes.  It is our utmost attempt to make every learning experience meaningful and relevant:
Thus Defining Wizard becomes a conduit for greatness.

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Because we believe in our service, we are prepared to match prices with any of our competitors.  In addition, we have many services that we believe you will enjoy through your membership.  In fact, our passion and interest in education keep us busy, reinventing new products and services.  If you have an idea, tell us about it, and we’ll help you get it started:
At Defining Wizard, we are your ideas’ biggest fan!

Learning Programs:

All our Learning Program are created to bridge the gap between Education and Entertainment!