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1.  What subjects do you tutor?

This depends on the tutors in your area.  All tutors are required to pass a qualifying exam in Math and English Literacy skills.  The exam is equivalent to content learned when receiving an Associates Degree. In addition to Math and English, our tutors are able to tutor a wider range of subjects as well which include most academic subjects and professional skills.  The assistance that you are looking for, really, could be around the corner.

Subjects Tutored:  Math and English
Additional Subjects Tutored:  Please contact us to inquire about subjects Defining Wizard tutors in your area.

2.  There’s no tutor to help me in my area, what do I do?

Here at Defining Wizard it is our goal to bring an awareness about the advantages of becoming a tutor.  Simply put, there is an African proverb, “To Learn, One Must Teach.  To Teach, One Must Learn.”  These actions are necessary to experience a proper learning experience.  There’s a lot of research to support this premise of such pedagogy: so we employ tutoring and tutors who are prepared to chaufer specific learning experiences for our clients.  If there’s not tutor in your area:

a)  Recommend a tutor from your area

b) If you have access to a computer, some clients prefer to use Google Hangout or Skype to conduct their tutoring sessions.  As a registered  member, you have this option as well (Gold Members Only)

c) Our tutors are skilled in offering assistance over the telephone.  Some clients prefer this option, simply because it’s the quickest way for feedback.  When amidst a learning experience, this feedback is the difference between a positive learning experience and a negative learning experience (Gold Members Only).

3.  What makes Defining Wizard different from other tutoring companies?

Defining Wizard is consistently connecting with clients in more and more innovative ways.  Comparing our services with other tutoring companies, there isn’t a company that will go the extra mile for their clients like Defining Wizard.  Our services include: In-home tutoring, Out-home tutoring, Online tutoring, Phone tutoring, and manual.  As a member, you will quickly be able to get the help you need by quickly making the appointment you need online.  Our attention to our clients, truly is the difference, and can’t be compared to any current tutoring company.