Tutor Training Exam (Official)

As a new Defining Wizard tutor, you are required to view the following link (http://defwiz2.weebly.com/tutor-training.html) and complete the test in this section.

This training item must be completed before your first tutoring session.

DIRECTIONS: The following test will be used to evaluate how well you understood the tutor training website. This test will be scored and returned to you. Select one answer only for each of the following questions.




We expect you to know the answer to every question a tutee might pose. 


You should always let your tutee know how much time you have remaining before you are off duty.


You are the only resource available to your tutee.


You should try to sit side-by-side with your tutee.


Which of these items should a tutee bring to a tutoring session?


Near the end of a tutoring session, you should…


Which of the following is NOT an example of an open-ended question?


Give an example of an open-ended question

Drawing diagrams is very efficient for which type of learning style?


Good tutors ALWAYS have tutees waiting in line when they come on duty.


The way a person prefers to learn is called his/her…


Your greeting with your tutee should take about ____________ .


Taking notes in class does all of the following except…


Mnemonic devices are…


Regardless of differences, your tutee deserves respect and professionalism at all times.


Your sessions should begin by… 


List five (5) expectations that you should go over with tutee…

Appointments can be cancelled because of a student NOT being prepared?


Is there a dress code you should uphold while tutoring as a tutor?


How many stars are on the Defining Wizard logo?


Maintaining hygiene is important while working.
Which case would prove to distract a tutee during their tutoring session?



If you work more than 5 hours a day, it’s alright to have food and drinks during your tutoring sessions…


What are the 5 (five) steps to being an effective tutor?

During your tutoring session with your students, you should update the student on his/her progress made…


Positive reinforcements are better than negative reinforcements…


Give a synopsis of what a typical overview of your tutoring session may entail (list at least 3 points)…

What should you do if you don’t have enough time to work with the student.
(Let’s assume you have 5 minutes until you’re off, however, a student wants help with 2 or 3 problems).


It’s ok to lecture the student as if you are getting paid $60/hr…


List three (3) ways to gauge your tutees comprehension…

Give an example of a follow up question you may ask your tutee…

You should aim to allow the tutee to do most of the explaining while you guide them and actively listen to their responses….


There is no better way to convey information than to draw a picture…


To gain additional insights about your student, as a tutor, you should require your tutee to give you a summary over concepts covered.


Reinforcements give the tutee a sense of accomplishment.


When giving reinforcements you don’t want to be facetious about the student’s gain.  What does facetious mean?

Give an example of a verbal reinforcement.

Give an example of a non-verbal reinforcement…

As tutors, you should try to, “work yourself out of a job”.


What is Defining Wizard’s Mission Statement?

Give the phone number of a Defining Wizard Representative?

Which of these classic actions are unacceptable to do if your Appointment does not show up?


Since some tutoring is not appointment based, you should bring some work with you just in case some days are slow, and your appointments don’t show up


List two (2) guidelines to follow during Group Session Tutoring:

It is Highly Recommended that you don’t get involved with your tutees.


List two (2) guidelines to follow in protecting your tutee’s confidentiality.

List two (2) note-taking guidelines to follow to practice good study skills.

List one (1) note-taking trick you could tell your student to get them to slow down their instructor during lectures.

In great detail, please describe your definition of the word “free-thinker”, and how does this apply to your tutoring skills. MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST 30 CHARACTERS OR MORE!

What is Defining Wizard’s  Website Address?

Please indicate your goals or expectations from being a Defining Wizard’s tutor.  What do your expect the experience will be like?  This comment is very important!

Last Question:

Provide your a) Name, b) Email, c) Phone Number, and d) Other contact information