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          Currently, there are no products developed to teach the order of operations as I described or to encourage users to become productive writers – at the same time.  The products that do exist either: are popular songs remixed by amateur artist teaching what the order of operations (PEMDAS) is on Youtube2 3 4 , musical devices without any confluence to any literacy skills as described, virtual worlds without any confluence to literacy skills as described, and the strongest tools out on the market that give users tools to enhance their literacy skills are Scrivener and Evernote.  They unfortunately, don’t assign tasks in the method as is described in this paper such that the user is encouraged to continue writing.  There is theory that supports the power of music.  Levitin says that, “Music is distributed throughout the brain” (9).  Levitin goes on to say that, “no one until now has taken all this new work together and used it to elucidate what is for – the most beautiful human obsession.  Your brain on music is a way to understand the deepest mysteries of human nature” (12).  Since Levitin points out the fact the research isn’t as prominent in this area, there is the possibility that even with the best research used to develop this product, there’s will be many unforeseen failures along the way that can ultimately change the design of this game, however, it is a road worth pursuing.
“It is only the attempt to write down your ideas that enables them to develop” (Pea, 1).

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

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